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Description Maitreya’s Words
Are you ready to die for Humanity?
Everything is connected and Nothing is constant
A lesson of humility.
Elohim could save only the Raelians
The Most Beautiful Part of the Message of the Elohim is About Infinity
Time to get rid of the word ‘WAR’
Should Raelians Vote and when?
News and Views
Dr Amar Bose Honorary Guide
Mordechai Vanunu Honorary Guide
French Raelian leader’s victory
Grass Circle in Switzerland
Les Raëliens sur la croisette
New Guides in North America
US, French Embassy
Conference in Mexico
Canada, no to vote
Israel new Guide
Dr Dodo’s appeal to African diaspora
French Raelian murdered in Ivory Coast
Seminars in Central Kama
First Guide seminar in Congo
Diffusion in Peru
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