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Description Words of our Beloved Prophet
2 Las Vegas, December 13th, after the transmissions.
4 35th Anniversary of December 13th in Las Vegas
News and Views
10 Leon Mellul talks about Gaza
Proud To Be Raelians
11 About the case of the infiltrated journalists in Quebec
13 Switzerland, in the streets of Sion
South America…. Things are moving!
14 Summary from the Continental Guide Daniel Turcotte:
14 A word from Alaric in Buenos Aires
14 The First Official Gay Parade In Cartagena Colombia!!!
15 Raelian tornado in the Bahamas…
16 Excerpt of the Bahamian newspaper article
16 Clitoraid In Prague
18 Italy- December 12-13-14 63 – European Convention in Turin
19 Danemark “A Yogi, a Jew, a Russian Orthodox priest and a Raelian walk into a bar...”:-)
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